About Lisbeth Burian


Lisbeth Burian is educated as stagedesigner/Costumedesigner at The Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen in 1999- 2003, since then she has designed scenography and costumes for films, choreography and performance in Denmark and abroad. (Odense Theater, Dansescenen, Aalborg Teater 78th street Theater lab. N.Y. Teater Nordkraft, Theater grob, Aarhus Teater, Svalegangen, S/H,  Malmö StatsTeater, The Royal Theater a.o)

She also work in the field  of installation, photography, collage and video. Much of her work is based on documentary research on lokations. She seeks for a staged reality where the boarders between documentary and fiktion floats. She is always looking for a new way to imitate life.

Lisbeth Burian has received a serie of grants, nominees and awards for her work.  

Currently she is based in Copenhagen.

She works with space in the broadest possible way,  and she finds it interesting to explore new ways of developing performances and narratives.  Her finest job is to explore new koncepts, develop spaces that frame the essens of the story. In 2016 she founded Rum<>Fang:  a spacial platform for crossover narratives often based on documentary and then transformed into fiction.

She has been teaching af the National School of performing arts at the setdesign department and cooperated with the choreography department on workshops called composition in space.

She is in the sensorcorps for the examen for the scenografers and have also been a part of the board at the application test for new students at the National School of Performing arts.



Born – 1976 – 22/08                                                                                                                                  Aarhus
Based in                                                                                                                                                     Copenhagen


2003 – 2016 Div. cources: Final cut, indesign, sketch up, Photoshop  m.f                                      Copenhagen
1999 –  2003 The Danish National School of performing art, scenography                                   Copenhagen
1997 – 1999 Assisting scenographer ( Maja Ravn + Marie í Dali)                                                    Copenhagen
1997 The art school Ryesgade                                                                                                               Copenhagen
1996 Académi du Viaduc des Beaux-Arts                                                                                            Paris
1995 School of visual art                                                                                                                        Århus
1995 Marselisborg Gymnasium                                                                                                            Århus


2019-2020 Kommende projekter
Mimbo Jimbo making art-  Statens Museum for kunst . Liminal.Dir: Adelide Bentzon (sce, cos)         
Tame/Thik/Tatooed -FÅR 302 – co.prd. LUX og Teater Hund og co. (sce, cos)
Occupaied: Bornholmstater.Tekst: Jesper B. Karlsen.Dir: Jens Svane Boutrup ( sce, cos)
Pigion Superstition  – kunstnerisk udvikling (sce, cos) 
Edge -v/rumfang- site specific about living on the edge. Sound. Rikke Houd – Light. Åsa Frankenberg, (Space,idea)

Whats up  Europa – Mungopark Kolding. Tekst: Vivian Nielsen.Dir. Mette Ovesen,  ( sce, cos)
Monicas vals – Malmø Statsteater. Dir. Heinrich Christiensen, Tekst: Klaes Abrahamsen,
Persist – frit efter Svend Brinkman. Danish Royal Theater. Dir.  Kamilla Wargo Brekling/Karina Dickov Lund, ( sce, cos)

The other side  – Teater hund og co inst. Petrea Søe.Tekst: Julie Maj Jakobsen/ Petrea Søe ( sce, cos)
Aspirational – Mærkværk-Theater Nordkraft, Dir. Petrea Søe. Tekst: Julie Maj Jakobsen/ Petrea Søe( sce, cos)
I AM ALSO SOMALIA – Teater S/H/ Global Storis. Dir. Ditte Maria Bjerg, Tekst: Jeppe Kristensen og Ditte Maria Bjerg  ( sce, cos)

Whiteout – in a house in Greenland.Idea/set/Dir: Lisbeth Burian, hist: Rikke Houd. Light/set Åsa Frankenberg
Peddersen og Findus– Eventministeriet.The National Royal Theater, dir.: Nils P munk. (sce, cos)    
Je suis Storm P – The floating Theater, dir. Leiv Arne Kjøllmoen, Tekst: Andreas Garfield ( sce,ccos)
Defekt –  Teater Stuk/Teater grob, Dir: Petrea Søe, tekst: Julie Maj Jakobsen, ( sce, cos)
The ears in the Machine – Teater st. tv./ Zangenberg Teater, dir, Lotte Faarup, (sce, cos)       

Hair on it–  Teater Grob, Dir: Line Poulsen, tekst: Line Mørkeby/holdet,, (Sce, cos)
H.C. Andersens colected tales– Mungopark -Allerød, Dir./tekst: Heinrich Christensen, ( sce, cos)
Bring me a Muse – Cafe liva/De Damer, Dir: Mads m. Nielsen, tekst: Alexandra Moltke Johansen,( sce, cos)
Returned – Borgerscenen/ Aalborg Teater, Dir: Petrea Søe, tekst: dokumentarisk materiale, ( sce, cos)
Inga og Lutz – Teater Svalegangen, DIr: Per Smedegård, tekst: Nis-Momme Stockman, ( sce, cos)

Life with death– Borgerscenen/Aalborg Teater, Dir: Madeleine Røn Juul, tekst: doku. tekst,( sce,cos)
Sick health Teater st. tv. /Teater grob, Dir: Anders Lundorph , tekst Mette Heeno, ( sce, cos)
A day at the Beach –  Marionet Teatret, Dir:Tekst: Rikke Wöelck, ( sce, cos)
The man with out a past – Odense Teater, Dir: Petrea Søe, tekst: Aki Kaurismëki/Petrea Søe, Trine Wisbeck,( sce, cos)

Ask the Adults
–  Teater Republique, Dir/Tekst: Karina Dichov, Kamilla Wargo Brekling, ( sce, cos)
Fucking pour –  Bådteatret,  Dir: Petrea Søe, tekst: Julie Maj Jakobsen/Petrea Søe ( sce, cos)
The snail and the whale– Teater st. tv. /Nørregaards Teater, Dir: Anders Lundorph. Tekst: T. st.tv. (sce,cos)
Boardersyndrom– Bornholms Teater, Dir/tekst: Jens Svane Boutrup. Bog: Gazmed Kapllani, ( sce, cos)

Habengut – the invention journey  – Børnescenen v/FolkeTeatret , (ide, dir; sce, cos) Lisbeth Burian
La dispute – Teater Momentum, Dir: Alexa Ther, tekst: Mariveau, ( sce, cos)
Farming  -the Projekt –  Cafe Teatret, Dir: Christian Lollike, tekst: Lollike + holdet, ( sce, cos)
Me you fuck You –  Teater st. tv. /Teater grob, Dir. Kamilla Wargo Brekling, tekst Line Mørkeby, ( sce, cos)

Far out + Who´s first-Dansehallerne, Choreo: E.k.k.oprojekt, ( sce, cos,video)
The day after tomorrow I´ll be another – Teater Nordkraft, Dir: Mikkel flyvholm/ Morten Burian, ( sce, cos,video)
When Little Madsen´s House disappeared Det lille Teater, Dir/tekst: Rikke Wöelck, Bog: Jakob M. Strid, (sce, cos)

Upside down– Odense Teater, Dir: Petrea Søe, ( sce, cos)
Glistrup  –  Svalegangen/Bornholms Teater, Dir: Jens Svane Boutrup, tekst: Vivianne Nielsen,  ( sce, cos)
Barsel med Elinor.

* Elinor                                     
–  Husets Teater, Dir, Anders Lundorph,, tekst: Anna Bro, Mads Mazanti,  ( sce, cos)
The Bald Singer
– Odense Teater, Dir:Heinrich Christensen, Tekst: Euginio Unesco, ( sce, cos)

Ærø –  Baggård Teatret,  Dir: Liv Helm, tekst: Jesper Wung sjung, ( sce, cos)
Johan Padan –  Nørregade Teatret Dir: Jens Boutrup, Dario Foo, ( sce, cos)
Last call – Aarhus Teater, Dir: Mikkel Flyvholm og Eva Jørgensen( sce, cos, video)
Cruise –  Teater Grob / Café Teatret,Dir: Frederik Arntzen Neergaard, tekst: Jakob Weis,( sce, cos)

AL+one–  Prøvehallen/ Teater V, Coreo: Tali Rázga, Musik: Jakob Bro( sce, cos, video)
Copenhagen – citycrash–  Byg. 55 DGI byen, Choreo: E.k.k.o, Musik: Mark Solborg ( cos)
Barsel med Alma
* Alma

Play with fire.The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Dir: Mia Lipschitz, tekst, August Strindberg (sce, cos, video)
Starfactory–  Anemone Teatret, Dir: Lisbet Lipschitz, ( sce, cos)
Status N –scenes from Nørrebro –  Kaleidoskop Theater, Dir: Rolf Heim, ( ide, sce, cos)

Marie – Teater masken, Dir: Solveig Weinkauf, tekst: Lærke Sanderhoof, ( sce, cos)
Terrorisme – Odense Teater, Dir: Per Smedegård, tekst: Brødrene Presnjakov, ( sce, cos)
The little death– Kort film –  super 16, Dir/tekst: Kasper Munk, ( Sce, cos)
What the old man does –  Annemone Teatret, Dir: Lisbet Lipchitz, tekst. hc andersen, ( Sce, cos)
The Big Dog– Zangenberg Teater, Dir: Kim jensen, ( Sce, cos)

The Atack– Entrescenen, Dir: Hanne Trap Friis,  tekst: Lise Jørgensen, ( Sce, cos)
Zoom – Basement, Choreo:  E.k.k.o, ( Sce, cos)
Rapunzel – Annemone Teatret, Dir: Albert Bielsen, ( Sce, cos)
The lost son – Baggård Teatret,Dir:Henriette Holm, tekst: Lasse Handberg, ( Sce, cos)
Jeppe on the Hill–  Nørregade Teatret, Dir: Jens S. Boutrup, Tekst: L. Holdberg, ( Sce, cos)
Bodybio – Kanonhallen – junge hunde – Choreo: Karina Dichow Lund, (ide, installation, video)

beside the road–  Kort film, Dir: Kræsten Kusk, ( Sce, cos)
Mark of Cain – 76. street theater Lab. –  N. Y. , Dir: Jens S. Boutrup, ( Sce, cos)

(NB: sce = scenographi – cos = Costumedesign)                                                                                                                  


Egne Projekter

2016 – Whiteout – traped in Greenland– (Idea, installation,story ). radiodoku: Rikke Houd,

2013 –  The Greenland Ekspedition – Video, foto, lyd. Researchrejse til Grønland

2009 – Citycreatures under construction – Foto, collage og installation. Udstilling på Baghold.

2008 – Ping pong i the house of the samurai  – Artvideo/Choreographi – Tokyo/Kbh, videofestivalen Zirkulation

2006 – E67  Via Baltic –  roadinstallation, Nordic Teaterdays , Julie Forchammer +Lisbeth Burian

2006 – Status N Scenes from Nørrebro , Kaleidoskop, Dir: Rolf Heim, (Idea, research, (sce, cos)

2004 – Status N. – Photography exhibition based on research and interviews in Nørrebro

2004 – Bodybio –  Videoinstallation,  Kanonhallen, Choreo: Karina Dichov Lund, (sce, video)

Other stuff

Artistic leader of Rumfang  – focus on spatialperformance and site specific work.
winner of the special award of the year Reumert for the performance“Hår på den”2016                                               Teacher at The National school of performing art. 2004, 2005, 2007,  2013
Consultant at the set design department. National school of performing arts 2013, 2014, 2015
receive the workinggrant from The National Art foundation 2004, 2006, 2007, 2015, 2016, 2018
Censor The National school of performing art 2013, 2017,2018
Member of Gisp scenic investigations 2012-13
Underviser i scenografi,  Københavns Teknisk skole – 2004-2006
Member of the repetoireboard  – Det lille teater – 2008-2011.
Boardmember at Det lille teater. – 2010 – 2017
Organizer of the artvideofestival Zirkulation  – 2008
Workshopleader at Prag Quadrianal for scenographi  – 2007
Receive the Nørrebro award for the performance: Status N – scenes from Nørrebro
Boardmember of DS- the union for Danish scenographers  – 2003-2006
Student at telematic laboratorium – v/ Boxiganga –  2004